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    COLUMBA OLIVIA COMPANY aspires to provide unique, high quality products of unparalleled value as well as disseminate the fine qualities of the Greek culture and the Mediterranean Nutrition all over the world. The Athinolia variety yields fine olive oil of superior quality, low acidity and golden color. Its taste is a harmonious combination of bitter and spicy and its aroma is fruity, strong and rich.
    COLUMBA OLIVIA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ULTRA PREMIUM lavishly offers you one of the most beneficial foods on a global basis. Its chemical composition can actually be compared solely to breast milk composition, thus ascertaining that its ingredients significantly contribute to preventing and combating a number of diseases. Therefore, COLUMBA OLIVIA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ULTRA PREMIUM strongly recommends and constantly campaigns for a healthy lifestyle, friendship and peace in your life.