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Food for the Gods! Great Taste Awards 2017 ⭐⭐⭐

Roses have always inspired fascination, an ability to stir passions and to mystically lure and conquer the beholder of their sublime beauty and fragrance now with 3 stars from GTA 2017.

‘Table 6: There’s little discernible rose on the nose, but the palate of this honey is extraordinary – really the most gorgeous, intriguing meld of floral flavours. The length of flavour is almost legendary – those waves of flavour go on and on. Not cloying, utterly delightful. What a very clever product.
Table 5: A very pleasing, unrefined, amber honey. The appearance of rose on the nose is enticing and follows through onto the palate. The balance of deep honey sweetness with the floral, discreet rose in extremely well handled. It is a brilliant product from nose to mouth. The flavours swirl around the palate.
Table r1: Oh! What a wonderful taste with the hint of rose and a full sweetness. The rose has followed and followed – a delightful honey.
Table 99G: An outstanding rose aroma, tempting one to dive straight in – a clear amber colour, viscosity is very good, a good bright and clear honey. Rose comes through on the palate – complex and with strong rose notes coming through. Refined finish, no harshness, the rose continues to linger beautifully. Finishes with a sweet rose caramel flavour.
Table 1: This is pretty special, a wonderful smooth honey with complex flavours, starting and finishing with the rose. How interesting to have something so simple that tastes so delicious!
Table 2: Love this – distinct but delicate flavour of rose, really unusual, perfumed honey.
Table 4: This is outstanding honey, literally nectar. It has a gorgeous rose scent and a wonderful texture. Food for the Gods!
– The Judges at GTA 2017.