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Bluebell & Magnolia Scented Candle
A bouquet of fragrant bells and intoxicating magnolias form a peculiar aromatic character that you will love.
67,31 lei excl tax excluding shipping
Cinnamon Swirl Deluxe Candle Helessence
Fragranced to the max. Our deluxe range of limited production candles makes a bold statement in every room with a unique yet familiar look and luxurious scents in limited edition batches.
107,89 lei excl tax excluding shipping
Honeysuckle & Sweet Pea Scented Candle
A blooming composition with aromas of Greece inspired by the 2 most common, humble but also most fragrant flowers of the country: the honeysuckle and the musk.
67,31 lei excl tax excluding shipping
Lilac & Freesia Scented Candle
The first call of Spring. Lilac and freesia, two exceptional aromas of the countryside, built on a soft floral accord of lavender, narcissus, musk and lilies of the field with top notes of lemon juice.
67,31 lei excl tax excluding shipping