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Honey with Edible Rose Petals

Honey with Edible Rose Petals 130g Red Theta Foods


Lose yourself in a world of sensuality created by the intoxicating aroma, taste and texture of this natural wonder.

HK$308.60 excluding shipping
equates to HK$20,929.86 per 1 kg(s)
Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic Eulogia

Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic 298g Eulogia


Limited Edition Premium honey with Chios Mastic.(298g)

HK$149.89 excluding shipping
equates to HK$4,434.80 per 1 kg(s)
Theta Limited Raw Thyme Honey

Limited Raw Thyme Honey 330g


Experience the most rare, limited, superb and exquisite raw monofloral thyme honey containing 76% of thyme pollen.

HK$219.54 excluding shipping
equates to HK$5,865.80 per 1 kg(s)
Ritual Bloom Organic Olive Oil

Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml Gift Pack Ritual Bloom


The delicate sweet style, fruitiness, spicy bitterness and herbaceous character will satisfy even the most demanding gustatory senses.

HK$277.74 excluding shipping
equates to HK$4,897.59 per 1 lt