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Phi Divine Goods

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Divine Honey Pine with Chios Mastic & Thyme Luxury Gift Set 2 x 400g

Thyme honey brought to you from Greek islands and Pine honey infused with the therapeutic Chios mastic.
Fr. 46.43 excluding shipping

Divine Handmade Traditional Pasta with Chios Mastic and Chios Tangerine Luxury Gift Set 2 x 500g

Handmade, traditional pasta with the absolute essence of Chios island.
Fr. 25.12 excluding shipping

Divine Handpicked Bio Herbs Luxury Box Set 5 packs x 20g

They are all Greek varieties and produced through the method of natural drying. Taste their special aroma in a fresh salad, use them to give intensity to your meat or fish, or simply enjoy their therapeutic properties through a hot beverage
Fr. 27.57 excluding shipping

Divine Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Luxury Box 500ml

Our oil is extra virgin, organic, with low acidity (0.5) and cold pressed. It owes its golden color and fruity flavor to Kolovi and Ladolia varieties, located in Mytilene.
Fr. 31.74 excluding shipping