Special Aged Wine

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Anama Vintage 2012 500ml

A naturally sweet aged wine, made from sundries grapes.
HK$827.99 excluding shipping
equates to HK$14,448.31 per 1 lt

Anama Vintage 2012 Ageing Kit, (Hard Paper Box With Cork Lid) (500ml + 250ml)

With the 'Anama Aging Kits, our aim is to offer you the opportunity to personally experience a long term wine-aging process.
HK$1,220.61 excluding shipping

Aged Tsipouro Navarino Vineyards

The traditional grape spirit tsipouro a combination of Ugni Blanc and Roditi Alepou-completes the series of Navarino Vineyards.
HK$283.56 excluding shipping
equates to HK$4,948.05 per 1 lt