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Farah Pierre 04/05/2022 01:39
OMG this Pistachio butter is soooo addicting! I went to Greece for my 31st birthday 3 years ago and bought it at a store there and I've been hooked ever since. It's that amazing
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SOOO delicious
Kate Wynn 23/05/2022 22:07
I should've gotten this when I was on Aegina but as soon as I tried my friend's pistachio butter, I came home and immediately ordered it!!
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The ambrosial pistachio butter I will always remember
Hojung Song 09/02/2023 18:55
A few years ago, I made a visit to Aegina, Greece, where this product is originally manufactured and produced. Reminiscing about how scrumptious this pistachio butter was, I recently looked up on the internet whether it was even sold online, and I could, fortunately, find Elenianna as its leading distributor. After purchasing it, once I had a taste of the butter, I could instantly recall all those memories I shared with everyone during my latest journey to Greece. I would definitely recommend buying it at least once, even to those who have never been to Greece or never tried this, unless they are allergic to any of its ingredients, not only because it is more than delicious but also because you can feel the freshness of those pistachios grown on the island of Aegina.
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