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Genuine and traditional products from every corner of Greece!
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Healthy eating is a key component of health. It includes enjoying nutritious food in the amounts our bodies need to perform their best.

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1827 CHARDONNAY Navarino Vineyards


Kotyle White is based on Chardonnay, avariety which,although French, has been cultivated in the region for over forty years. 13% alc.

Fr. 12.78 excluding shipping
equates to Fr. 18.29 per 1 lt

Navarino Icons Tomato Spoon Sweet


This tomato spoon sweet is prepared the traditional Messinian way with natural ingredients.330gr (11.64oz)e

Fr. 11.70 excluding shipping
equates to Fr. 38.07 per 1 kg(s)

Organic Damask Rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) 10g


The rose has been used for its medicinal properties for various ailments since ancient times. Its scent and infusion gives us a sense of wellbeing and calmness while it is also diuretic and an excellent tonic of the mind.

Fr. 5.58 excluding shipping
equates to Fr. 599.36 per 1 kg(s)

Organic German Chamomile (Marticaria chamomilla L.) 25g


Traditionally chamomile is used as a beverage against anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal infections, flatulence, inflammations and diarrhea. It helps in cases of gynecological problems, headaches, sniffles and boosts the immune system.

Fr. 5.58 excluding shipping
equates to Fr. 239.74 per 1 kg(s)
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