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    Organic Honey

    Greek honey is pure gold, a great excellence to discover

    Greek honey is characterized by a golden color and an extremely limpid and crystalline appearance. Greek honey also has a sustained but not excessive density, ideal to be poured on a dessert or to become an exquisite ingredient that can be easily used. Among the definitely noblest Greek honey varieties, the Greek thyme honey is certainly positioned on the first step of the podium for its delicacy and its unmistakable taste.

    The best way to present and describe the qualities of the Greek honey is also a great culinary advice: "Taste it"! A 100% Mediterranean excellence of flavour and taste, the Greek honey combines unique essences with its special softness and delicacy making it certainly one of the most renowned in the whole Mediterranean basin.

    It is so tasty that ancient Greeks called it ambrosia, a food that according to the Greek mythology was reserved exclusively for the gods.

    In Greece, there are ideal conditions for the production of high quality Greek honey: intense heat in the summer, the widespread presence of wild aromatic plants, the almost no absence of pollution

    The Greek honey and its infinite uses, excellent for yogurt dessert

    There are as many myths related to this product as the uses of Greek honey in the country's traditional cuisine.

    It can be an excellent ingredient for baked meats and stew, especially for the most tasty game meats. Honey is also a great natural sweetener for any type of infusion and herbal tea.

    The use that has certainly made it famous all over the world is also the most simple and tasty dessert recipe in Greece: Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts. It is a great classic of the Mediterranean diet; a breakfast full of flavour and energy, but also a sublime dessert after your main meal!

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    Organic Greek honey from Fir, one of the most rare and exclusive varieties in the world.

    Eulogia Premium Organic Honey From FIR (PDO)

    Unlike traditional honey, our Organic Fir Honey is created every three years from the honeydew left behind by aphids that extract and feed on the sap of the fir tree.
    $20.91 excluding shipping
    equates to $79.30 per 1 kg(s)
    Awarded Organic Heather Honey

    Organic Heather Honey 298g Eulogia Of Sparta

    Heather honey is included in the elite of Mediterranean honeys!
    $16.95 excluding shipping
    equates to $77.26 per 1 kg(s)
    Premium Greek Fir Honey

    Premium Organic Greek Fir Honey 250g MELLIN

    Greek Honey from mountain Giona in the municipality of Delphi
    $14.58 excluding shipping
    equates to $65.91 per 1 kg(s)
    Premium Greek Thyme Honey 250g

    Premium Organic Greek Thyme Honey 250g - MELLIN

    Greek Thyme Honey from the municipality of Delphi
    $14.58 excluding shipping
    equates to $65.91 per 1 kg(s)
    MELLIN Premium Greek Honey Fir with Thyme

    Premium Organic Greek Honey Fir with Thyme 250g MELLIN

    Greek Honey FIR with thyme from mountain Giona in the municipality of Delphi
    $24.30 excluding shipping
    equates to $109.85 per 1 kg(s)