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    Easter Gifts

    If you find yourself wondering what to serve for Easter brunch, look to elenianna's to find everything you need for the perfect Mediterranean Food Product. When friends and family gather together for a relaxing Easter morning, having just the right brunch menu will make the day truly special. While you enjoy laughing and sharing with friends and family and the kids play, bring everyone to the table with Easter food they’re sure to love. Here, you’ll find wonderful Easter gifts ideas, whether you’re planning an early Easter breakfast or a leisurely Easter brunch.

    If you find yourself far away from friends and family this year, Easter gift baskets for delivery are a great way to let them know how much you care. Elenianna’s gift baskets are brimming with Premium & Luxury Greek Food products they can enjoy throughout the day, like our famous olive oils and premium honey for their breakfast spread, along with sweet treats for munching all day.

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    The Governor, Premium Extra Virgin Unfiltered Olive Oil 2 x 500ml Hand Crafted Wood Crate

    The Governor, Premium Extra Virgin Unfiltered Olive Oil 2 x 500ml & 2 x 25ml Hand Crafted Wood Crate

    The oleocanthal and oleacein concentrations in “The Governor”™ are 7 times higher than the average of the samples and the highest value recorded among all commercially-available bottled oils since 2009. The total hydroxytyrosol derivatives are 61% higher than the stipulated European regulation. The daily consumption of 20g is known to protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress.
    $142.97 excluding shipping
    Wooden Hamper  Gift Set Navarino Icons

    Gift Wooden Hamper – 12 items - Navarino Icons

    Authentic food products and art objects, inspired by the history and culture of the Messinian region (32cm x 25cm x 16.5cm)
    $225.82 excluding shipping
    Luxury wooden gift box Greek treasures

    Luxury wooden gift box Greek treasures

    All treasures of Greek land in a unique composition
    $132.42 excluding shipping
    Drop Of Life Limited Reserve Wooden Gift Box

    Drop of Life Healthy Olive Oil Limited Reserve in Wooden Box 500ml

    Only the finest fruit from selected trees is used for this exceptional olive oil yielding only a very limited quantity per year with the highest level of Polyphenols in our Estate.
    $135.43 excluding shipping
    equates to $408.06 per 1 lt
    Navarino Canvas Tote Gift Pack

    Navarino Canvas Tote Gift Pack

    The Navarino Canvas Tote was conceived as the ultimate shopping bag filled with authentic food products of the highest quality and cultural objects inspired by Messinia’s rich heritage, capturing the beauty and natural flavors of Greece.
    $150.50 excluding shipping
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