Aircraft Cabin Approved

Strict regulations concerning the size, capacity and type of products that can be carried in our hand luggage onboard, have surely troubled many of us at least once. That's why we decided to carefully create selected gift sets with the aroma of Greece, that can easily “travel“ with you!

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Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium Edition MamaGreek 100ml

Luxury "liquid gold" Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil it not only a gift it is supreme luxurious cosmetic product.
HK$94.06 excluding shipping
equates to HK$8,673.87 per 1 lt

Honey with Edible Rose Petals 130g Theta Foods

Its unique and exquisite flavor create a sensual luxury experience taking us to a journey to a whole new world of exquisite gastronomy and pleasing.
HK$829.94 excluding shipping
equates to HK$58,872.40 per 1 kg(s)

Rose Honey 130g Theta Foods

Treat your soul to an exploration of sensuality. An formidable elixir of life, this honey and roses is an indulgence that tempts and delights the senses.
HK$276.65 excluding shipping
equates to HK$19,624.13 per 1 kg(s)

OLIORAMA Exclusive Bio PGI Olympia 100ml Paper Gift

Organic extra virgin olive oil from our own organic olive groves on a small hill in the region of Ancient Olympia (Limited Harvest).
HK$113.43 excluding shipping
equates to HK$10,459.66 per 1 lt