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1. Returns of products in the event of actual defect or lack of agreed capacity

1.1. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. However, if you receive a wrong or faulty product, or in case of any other problem resulting from our fault, please contact our Customer Care Team immediately, through theĀ Contact usĀ section for further details.

1.2. In all cases of return of products purchased on our online store due to actual defect or proven lack of agreed capacity resulting from our fault, the following shall apply:

i) The returned products can only be sent to ourĀ Distribution CentreĀ at 174,Ā Ipsilantou street, Attiki POĀ 187 58Ā Greece. The collection of the product on behalf of our Company will be handled only by our partner carrier after you have first contacted our Customer Care Team through theĀ Contact usĀ section and informed us of the proven problem in connection to the specific product. The collection of the product to be returned will take place exclusively at the delivery address you have stated to us upon placing your order.

ii) The product you are sending back to our company must be in the same condition in which it was received. It must be unused, it must be complete in its intact original packaging with all the documents that accompanied the product and it has to be preserved in the proper storage conditions.

iii) The returned products should be accompanied by the Retail Receipt/ Sales Invoice or

Delivery Note. Please note that if one of the above-mentioned documents is missing, your request cannot be fulfilled and the product will not be collected by our Company.

1.3 We will process your return request within a reasonable period of time. It is noted that in case of rescission, the points you may have earned from the specific purchase in the context of theĀ elenianna's Loyalty Programme are canceled if, after the amount returned to you in the context of the rescission has been removed, the amount of your purchases does not exceed the amount subject to which you are eligible for ā€œPointsā€ as set out in the elenianna'sĀ Loyalty ProgrammeĀ . The same applies in the case of product returns subject to article 11 on rescission.