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Crocus Day Cream SPF 30 100ml Collector

Collector | Crocus Day Cream SPF 30 |100ml.

Rich texture cream for every day care with high UVA-UVB protection and SPF 30 enriched with the exclusive Crocus Complex

Fr. 194.85 excluding shipping
 Cleansing Balm 200ml Collector

Collector Cleansing Balm | 200ml.

Natural cleansing, toning and demake-up for face, eye and neck infused with active serum.

Fr. 75.46 excluding shipping
Crocus Eye Complex 30ml Collector

Crocus Eye Complex | 30ml.

Enhanced eye contour treatment

Fr. 155.43 excluding shipping
Aronia & Vanila Extract Jam

Aronia - Chokeberries & Vanila Extract Jam

Marmalade with organic fruit 53% of Greek aronia and unique aroma of vanilla extract !!!

Fr. 7.04 excluding shipping
equates to Fr. 31.71 per 1 kg(s)