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    Trahanas With BIO Goat Milk WITHOUT SALT

    Frumenty (Trahanas) With BIO Goat Milk WITHOUT SALT 350g

    Trahanas is a rich and nutritious meal that grew generations and generations.
    HK$24.92 excluding shipping
    equates to HK$657.39 per 1 kg(s)
    Handmade Fresh Vegetable Orzo No Salt Gold Series

    Handmade Fresh Vegetable Orzo No Salt Gold Series 250g

    Handmade Vegetable Barley with freshly selected vegetables
    HK$30.46 excluding shipping
    equates to HK$1,124.86 per 1 kg(s)
    Organic Damask Rose

    Organic Damask Rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) 10g

    The rose has been used for its medicinal properties for various ailments since ancient times. Its scent and infusion gives us a sense of wellbeing and calmness while it is also diuretic and an excellent tonic of the mind.
    HK$41.54 excluding shipping
    equates to HK$38,347.60 per 1 kg(s)
    Organic Fig Syrup Askada 125g

    Organic Fig Syrup Askada 125g

    The sykomelo, a new and unique product for the Greek market, forgotten for years as used by previous generations as a natural sweetener.
    HK$85.39 excluding shipping
    equates to HK$6,306.05 per 1 lt
    Organic German Chamomile

    Organic German Chamomile (Marticaria chamomilla L.) 25g

    Traditionally chamomile is used as a beverage against anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal infections, flatulence, inflammations and diarrhea. It helps in cases of gynecological problems, headaches, sniffles and boosts the immune system.
    HK$39.69 excluding shipping
    equates to HK$14,657.31 per 1 kg(s)
    Ziro Organic Early Harvest Olive Oil in 500ml Fluted Bottle

    Ziro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 500ml Fluted Bottle

    A beautifully presented 500ml bottle of organic Ziro Sitias olive oil juice, made entirely from olives grown completely organically in the Sitia region of eastern Crete. Presented in its own box and includes a metal pouring stopper and spout.
    HK$322.17 excluding shipping
    equates to HK$5,948.14 per 1 lt