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Blue Scents Natural Cosmetics Gift Set Olive Oil 6 item

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which is considered the vitamin of youth par excellence. Thanks to vitamin E, olive oil deeply nourishes the skin, giving it elasticity and shine. At the same time, vitamin E also has excellent results in strengthening keratin, so it is ideal for hair and nails, which gain strength and firmness
€60.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Body Lotion with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil KOHO 200ml

Gentle moisturizing body care lotion. Enriched with olive leaf extract, it enhances skin hydration, acts as an antioxidant, and contributes to skin regeneration. It spreads and is easily absorbed.
€15.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Body Mist KOHO 150ml

The KOHO Body Mist is a body mist with a gentle fragrance
€14.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Body Scrub with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml KOHO

This hydrating body scrub combines natural micro particles of volcanic lava to gently but efficiently remove dead skin cells and support the circulation deep into the capillaries, giving the body an instant re-energized lift, leaving the skin beautifully hydrated, silky smooth, and bursting with vitality.
€15.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Dry Oil with Shimmer Shine Together with Organic Extra Virgin Olive KOHO 100ml

for all skin types
€14.20 excl tax excluding shipping