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Organic Vegan Cosmetics

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Labbok Micellar Water with Prebiotics, 250ml

Ideal for sensitive skin. The high concentration of high-quality pure prebiotics balances the skin and noticeably reduces redness and inflammation. Rose water, chamomile, aloe, and cucumber soothe the skin and hydrate it. Neroli gives a unique mild floral scent.
€25.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Labbok Skin Lightening Cream 30ml

It discolors freckles, sun marks, and other discolorations caused by hormonal disorders, age, and the sun. It also creates color homogeneity on the face and body. It also improves dull skin. It is based on the multifunctional biological molecules Belides org. and Alphaflor Gigawhite and Vitamin C with clinical results of whitening action that is 2 times stronger than the chemical component arbutin.
€40.20 excl tax excluding shipping

Labbok 2 in 1 Purple Clay Detox Face Mask 50 ml

Live the ultimate deep cleansing SPA experience at home with the 2 in 1 purple clay mask.Relax with the power of lavender and enjoy your refreshed and clean skin. You will love it! Fantastic purple color and natural smell!
€24.92 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €498.40 per 1 lt

Labbok Exfoliating Gel with Blueberry Kernels 50ml

Cleaning is more exciting and fun than ever. One of our Best Sellers removes dirt and dead cells. It allows your skin to breath, does not dehydrate the skin and changes form when damp! *Fresh Blueberry scent
€28.60 excl tax excluding shipping

Labbok Face Sunscreen 30 SPF, 50ml

The Labbok Sunscreen SPF 30 is based only on natural, organic certified sunscreen filters (Znc) and offers high sun protection from UVA/UVB radiation without leaving white marks on the skin. LABBOK does not use chemical filters and titanium oxide.
€39.90 excl tax excluding shipping

Labbok Restorative Calendula Face and Body Cream with Sea Buckthorn & Milk Thistle 50ml

Calendula oil, flower water, and extract have anti-allergic and soothing properties. The action of the cream is enhanced with ingredients, such as milk thistle, which detoxify and rapidly regenerate and restore tissues of the skin.
€14.00 excl tax excluding shipping