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Navarino Icons Ceramic Piglet Figurine


The love of animals in life and death was a very important aspect in the ancient Greek world. This ceramic piglet figurine was inspired by grave findings of the Mycenaean era, in the Peloponnese.

¥2,507 excluding shipping

Navarino Icons Ceramic Sandal


Sandals, derived from the ancient Greek sandalon, have been worn in Messinia since antiquity.

¥3,062 excluding shipping

Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil 500ml Gift Pack Ritual Bloom


The delicate sweet style, fruitiness, spicy bitterness and herbaceous character will satisfy even the most demanding gustatory senses.

¥3,725 excluding shipping
equates to ¥880,784 per 1 lt

OLIORAMA Exclusive Bio PGI Olympia Gift Box (Mosaic Art) 1 x 500ml


Organic extra virgin olive oil from our own organic olive groves on a small hill in the region of Ancient Olympia (Limited Harvest). Wooden Box (Mosaic Art)

¥28,969 excluding shipping
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