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Genuine and traditional products from every corner of Greece!
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Luxury Carton Gift Box

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Mini Scents & Flavors from Greece II


Greek mini gift box.

Fr. 18.56 excluding shipping

Nirra Gift Box 100% raw honey 200gr


An astonishing and voluptuous gift box that stylishly embraces five luxurious NIRRA raw honey varieties, two of which are intricately combined with edible 23K gold flakes.

Fr. 27.35 excluding shipping

Olympic Terra Superfood Gift Box


Fr. 24.82 excluding shipping

Luxury Pack Wildflower Honey 250g - Melimos


A unique honey derived from the natural blend of the nectars of a large variety of wildflowers.

Fr. 18.12 excluding shipping
equates to Fr. 79.60 per 1 kg(s)