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    The story of the METAXA Company began in 1888, when Spyros Metaxas founded the first factory in Piraeus. After that, follows a period when the METAXA drink becomes known and popular worldwide. It soon begins to win numerous awards, medals and prizes.
    Nowadays, it is exported to over 60 countries, and holds a unique position amongst the 100 most popular drinks globally. It is produced, in the contemporary factory, using the same recipe which Spyros Metaxas used:
    A) White varieties of wine (mainly Savvatiano and Roditis) are distilled twice, and the product is left to mature in new French oak barrels in cellars.
    B) At the same time, wine from the varieties Moschato, from Alexandria and Moschato from Samos (from the regions of Lemnos, Patras and Samos) is left to age for at least 2 years, spending part of this period, in barrels.
    C) Finally, a third blend is created from the extract of aromatic plants and spices that constitutes the "best-kept" secret of the company.
    D) The three blends are combined together resulting in the final blend, which ages in barrels before it is bottled.
    The various brands of Metaxa are distinguished from the number of stars on the label, which imply the years of ageing of the distillations used, and the small variations made to the recipe.

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    METAXA 7 STARS Smoothness Magnified

    METAXA 7 STARS Smoothness Magnified 700ml

    METAXA 7 Stars has a mature fruit character revealing intense notes of noble muscat nourished by the sun of the Aegean islands.
    $28.05 excluding shipping
    equates to $45.14 per 1 lt

    Metaxa Private Reserve 25th Edition 700ML

    Once a year, Constantinos keeps skillfully bringing together special blends of aged grape distillates and Muscat wines from Samos, releasing a unique batch of Private Reserve.
    $77.62 excluding shipping
    equates to $124.91 per 1 lt