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Genuine and traditional products from every corner of Greece!
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 Greek honey: everything you need to know in this tasty tribute to one of the most typical ingredients of the traditional Greek cuisine

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Nirra Gift Box 100% raw honey 200gr


An astonishing and voluptuous gift box that stylishly embraces five luxurious NIRRA raw honey varieties, two of which are intricately combined with edible 23K gold flakes.

119,08 lei excluding shipping

Forest Honey - NIRRA 250g


This flavorous honeydew honey is collected from April to August from a wide variety of forest trees such as wild oaks, pine trees, firs, lindens, chestnut trees, and wild herbs as well as from almost 1100 rare indigenous plant species.

66,47 lei excluding shipping
equates to 1.271,59 lei per 1 kg(s)

Pine Honey - NIRRA 250g


Pamper all of your senses with this exceptional treasure that will carry you away to a route through the mountainous untouched forests of the Greek land.

66,47 lei excluding shipping
equates to 1.271,59 lei per 1 kg(s)

Pure Greek Honey with fresh honeycomb 400g Navarino Icons


Continuing a 6,000 year old tradition in Geek apiculture, our luminous honey is harvested from colonies of bees that forage freely to collect nectar from the abundant flowers that blossom in the region around Messinia.

71,73 lei excluding shipping
equates to 857,64 lei per 1 kg(s)