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Premium Organic Honey Vanilla Fir Honey PDO Limited Edition 325g APICEUTICALS

It has distinctive cream-colored shades, which is why it is called “Vanilla Fir”. The ONLY Greek PDO honey and one of the most valuable honey treasures worldwide.
€49.90 excl tax excluding shipping
equates to €153.54 per 1 kg(s)

Age Rescue (Propolis & Beeswax Balm With Argan Oil) APICEUTICALS

Powerful concentrated balm with clinically proven high antioxidant activity designed to prevent, correct, and protect your skin.
€34.60 excl tax excluding shipping

Propowax™ Antioxidant Body Lotion

This antioxidant body lotion, fortified with an extremely antioxidant composition, helps protect the skin from external aggressors, respects the skin’s microbiome, and hydrates and nourishes deeply.
€29.00 excl tax excluding shipping

Propowax™ Antioxidant Conditioner

Thanks to its anti-pollution elements and purifying and balancing agents, Apiceuticals’ antioxidant conditioner cleans and nurtures, while protecting your hair and allowing the scalp to keep healthy, restoring hair damage.
€31.00 excl tax excluding shipping