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Genuine and traditional products from every corner of Greece!
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Navarino Canvas Tote Gift Pack


The Navarino Canvas Tote was conceived as the ultimate shopping bag filled with authentic food products of the highest quality and cultural objects inspired by Messinia’s rich heritage, capturing the beauty and natural flavors of Greece.

Fr. 109.71 excluding shipping

100% pure silk PEGASUS Ancient Greek Scarves Collection


100% silk scarf for women with digital printed pattern and hand finished.

Fr. 87.75

Luxury Nature's Treasures wooden Gift Box


Luxury Food and beverage Wooden Gift Box

Fr. 109.71 excluding shipping

100% pure silk ALCIVIADES Ancient Greek Scarves Collection


100% silk scarf for women. With digital printed pattern then hand finished. Elegant pattern from our new collection. Rich textures and exquisite details.

Fr. 87.75
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