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Herbs grow abundantly in the Greek countryside, perfuming the air with their aromas. Villagers, baskets in hand, wander from one cluster of herbs to the other, picking those that interest them. The people disperse to their homes and use each herb that they pick for their intended purpose. Some are used in cooking, while others are made into tea. In fact, teas serve a dual purpose. Most of them are drunk for pleasure, but they also have medicinal properties.

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Organic Greek Lemon Verbena

Organic Lemon Verbena [Aloysia triphylla (L'Her.) Britton] 10g


Traditionally lemon verbena is used as a beverage against indigestion, stomach ache, diarrhoea, and colitis. It can also help when we suffer from migraines or bad breath.

¥341 excluding shipping
equates to ¥4,160,691 per 1 kg(s)
Organic Greek Peppermint

Organic Peppermint (Mentha X piperita Sm.) 10g


Traditionally peppermint is used as a tea against the common cold, laryngitis and we can inhale it to fight stuffed noses since it is rich in the natural organic compound menthol.

¥341 excluding shipping
equates to ¥4,160,691 per 1 kg(s)
Organic Greek Rosemary

Organic Rosemary (Rosmarinus οfficinalis L.) 20g


Traditionally rosemary is used since antiquity as a tea in order to improve our memory and concentration. It helps with digestion, against flatulence and anorexia.

¥341 excluding shipping
equates to ¥2,080,345 per 1 kg(s)
Sweet Bay

Organic Sweet Bay (Laurus nobilis L.) 10g


Traditionally the tea made out of bay leaves is used to stimulate and relieve stomach pains and ease digestion. It is considered to help with rheumatic pains, gouty arthritis and fever.

¥341 excluding shipping
equates to ¥4,160,691 per 1 kg(s)