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    Today we hear a lot about the Mediterranean diet. UNESCO, the cultural arm of the United Nations, has proclaimed the Mediterranean diet one of civilization’s great treasures. But which Mediterranean diet? There are sixteen countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve been to most of them for ...

    Comments (0) MELLIN Premium Greek Honey Fir with Thyme

    Thick and limpid honey of amber colour with golden yellow tints. Characterized by a smell of wood and smoke. Its taste is slightly sweet with a long-lasting effect. Its flavour is of medium strength with tones of malt and caramel.

    Our honey “ΜΕΛΛΗΝ“ of a limited production is produced of fir tree...

    Comments (0) Nature knows how to treat most skin irritations

    Nature knows how to treat most skin irritations

    An increasing amount of people is nowadays aware of the long-term effects of many bath and beauty ingredients. So, there is no wonder why there is a strong demand for natural, organic and safer solutions.

    Just as we prefer to eat pure, natural and organic food so should we use the purest and mo...

    Comments (0) Who should follow the Mediterranean diet?

    Mediterranean Diet

    The answer to the question, ‘’Who should follow the Mediterranean diet?’’ is: Everyone. Every single person should follow a healthy diet so that he or she would be healthy in body and in mind. You should remember that you do not follow a diet because it is a fashion or because you want to lose fas...

    Comments (0) Natural Sea Salt, Perfect For Seasoning the Finest Gourmet Dishes and Heightening Taste

    Mediterranean Wild Sea Salt

    If you watch chefs prepare their delectable offerings, one thing you will notice is that invariably they use natural sea salt as seasoning. There is a good reason. Natural sea salt is obtained evaporating ocean water that contains salt and other chemicals such as potassium and iodine salts. Apart ...

    Comments (0) Top Doctors Recommend Mediterranean Diet Against Dementia to the British Health Secretary

    Top Doctors Recommend Mediterranean Diet Against Dementia to the British Health Secretary

    A letter signed by top physicians was addressed to Jeremy Hunt, the British Health Secretary right before the G8 meetings planned on the topic of Dementia, explaining why the Mediterranean diet may be the best solution for protection against this chronic disease....

    A very nice article from Nutri...

    Comments (0) US Congress: Health Benefits of Greek Cuisine

    US Congress: Health Benefits of Greek Cuisine

    The health benefits of the Greek Mediterranean Diet were presented yesterday in the U.S. Congress. This event was organized by the Greek Embassy in Washington, with the cooperation of Members Joseph Crowley, Gus Bilirakis and Carolyn Maloney. Greek ambassador Christos Panagopoulos opened the event...

    Comments (0) 2nd in the taste test: luxury honey of © THE FINANCIAL TIMES

    Eulogia Thyme Blossom Honey2nd in the taste test: luxury honey of © THE FINANCIAL TIMES the eulogia thyme honey.

    Eulogia thyme honey originates from the dry, rocky Dodecanese island region in southern Greece. A very sweet, thick honey with wonderful aroma and tones of thyme, hints of rosemary, citrus and hot cotton candy. Th...

    Comments (0) Eulogia Organic Greek Fir Honey selected as one of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2013

    Oprah's Favorite Things 2013"This is the ultimate, ultimate list of my Favorite Things," says Oprah. Why? Because no matter who's on your holiday list, you'll find everything from the whimsical stocking stuffer to the over-the-top indulgence.
    "Derived from the sap of Grecian fir trees, this rare, raw organic honey is beyond lus...

    Comments (0) Eulogia Organic Greek Fir Honey Chosen as a 2013 sofi™ Award Finalist

    2013 limited Edition Organic Greek Fir Honey

    We are honored and very proud to announce that our limited edition Organic Greek Fir Honey was selected by the Specialty Food Association as a sofi™ Award silver finalist! Our Organic Greek Fir honey was nominated for the category of “Outstanding Honey, Jam, Preserve or Nut Butter” and is in the r...